Yardsticks for Human Intelligence

by Red Sea

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released 12 February 2014

Recorded in spring/summer 2012
Produced by Christopher Brooker except D.W.T.C by Red Sea
Patrick Canaday (Mastering)



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Red Sea Atlanta, Georgia

We love to sound as one would love to food. We appreciate your money and your time. Patrick, Stephen, Kyle, Mick

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Track Name: Tandem Stye
Scenery ties all in craving open hives steal these lights and please save me borrow sight when your deep in jaded flight steeped in song but sing all wrong the words escape me dead supplies knew the words I thought I said darkened size a spit right now I know I smothered microphone but the sing still swallows I want to be here now but the cremes so hollow I can't stop selling tandem stye feel the yolk shift in my eye
Track Name: Grape
No one has come or gone to eat I hear it all wrong by the time I see the time slipping through my clothes all in surely you won’t let me down often truth unnoticed I’m your's yer your’s maybe not royal inches grapes to stain my robe your robe tied the knot flesh bends extending staring up at you my vision starts to bend nothing I can do this pain is just the end dragged out in this place were two cool chicks and whether in love or not it won’t stop me only together by vision and it starts to fail on my way to your neighborhood and when I found you I fell into the fountain I fell so far but you couldn’t see my jazz
Track Name: Down With The Crown
I need to need the job for you I'm down without the crown for wasted in rusty green beauty in distaste wasting all the time sickly grip and fall blending every line molest the softness left cops give my friends mean looks swollen bursting socket the state is a pad
Track Name: Vacant Ring
haunting video tape that I saw pixilated in the breeze the body is untamed and honestly I can’t see the waves often played as falling weight you gladly lay the blame tearing the ground floating away all without sound someone’s game is tearing me apart angles I sought all of them alone flat on a tray or disrupted by disguise the pistons are rusting on and off and all I see is this communal vacant ring on this sight opens up our ear spend my time only doubles I see crashed into the breeze only crime in the tantrum I feed deep inside of me